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Tangled Before Ever After in Hindi (2017) 720P

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Parents need to know that Tangled: Before Ever After is a movie follow-up to the movie Tangled set months after Rapunzel’s reunion with her parents. There’s much continuity between the two stories, but for newcomers, this one opens with a quick synopsis of Rapunzel’s life up until that point and her relationship with Eugene. This tale follows her struggle to meet her parents’ expectations while staying true to herself, and there are some scenes that show her rebelling against what others want for her, which yields consequences she’s not entirely prepared to handle. A new villain bent on revenge is introduced and poses a brief threat to the people of Corona. There are some perilous moments and brief concern for a character’s fate, as well as a few kisses shared between Rapunzel and Eugene. In addition to following the feature-length film, this movie leads into a Disney series that continues Rapunzel’s story.


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